24th February 2024 

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have to have a specific problem to come for counselling?
No. Feelings of dissatisfaction, depression, indecision, confusion or life changes etc. are a few of the things which can be explored through counselling.

Do you have evening appointments?
Yes. We can offer a range of appointment times.

Do I have to ask my doctor’s consent to come to the practice?
No, but we do need to have your doctors details on record. No information will be disclosed without your consent. * (Some exceptions could apply).

Is there a low cost option for me?
Yes, we may be able to offer you a therapy programme with one of our training students.

What if I am not sure if counselling/therapy is for me?
You can simply ring us on 0208 502 4674 and talk to one of the therapists. S/he will answer your queries and discuss how appropriate the service might be for you. There is no obligation or charge for this.